5 ways to create a DIY homemade cupcake carrier

Despite the ease and convenience of buying a commercial cupcake carrier, some folks do still want to create their homemade carrier. This can be due to frugal or personalization reasons. In any cases, you will find the following useful as we select 10 different homemade cupcake carrier designs from various blogs who have posted their instructions on how to make them.

Design idea #1: Cardboard + wrapping paper

Coming from a blog called parties for pennies, the author (Heidi Rew) did a great job in providing a step by step instruction guide on how to make use of simple materials such as a plain box, wrapping paper etc to create this sweet looking homemade cupcake carrier.

Design idea #2: Use a shoe box!

This idea by Journey of Grace’s Lisa shows us how easy it is to create a DIY carrier. All that needs to be done is to create crosses in a shoebox lid. : )

Design idea #3: Print paper box lids

This is a rather quick and interesting way to transport your cupcakes. Just flipped the box lid for any printing paper box and you will have an instant solution. This idea comes from cre8andrecre8.

Design idea #4: Using cereal box

Another interesting idea to make cupcake carrier. This time, the author from moneysavingqueen.com uses a cereal box to create a temporary carrier that is eco friendly.

 Design idea #5: No fuss

Kristin from CardsandGiftWrap.com.au gave us a non fuss way of making a cupcake carrier. All the materials you need are recycled, thus making this an environmentally friendly idea as well.

If none of the ideas presented here appeal to you, maybe you should considering buying a commercial 36 cupcake carrier or a vintage cupcake carrier.

Vintage cupcake carrier for sale!

I has found a super cool vintage cupcake carrier that I am sure many of you will like. The company making it is called Glitterville and it looks absolutely gorgeous. Below is an image of such the carrier looks like. If you want to buy it now, simply click on the image or the link under the image.

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Most of the current cupcake carrier doesn’t look that good to their cheap plastic feel.  This cupcake vintage carrier is actually made of tin so it doesn’t look cheap. Below some of the pros and cons of buying this carrier:


  • Looks gorgeous. This is the strongest reason for buying this retro cupcake carrier. Nothing in the market beats it in terms of design. I have friends who have nothing but wonderful things to say about the carrier, sometimes more than the cupcakes!
  • Easy to clean. As shown in the picture, the cupcake carrier tin can be “opened” by folding the carrier arms out. This makes it possible to even take the cupcake rack out and clean it.
  • Sufficient space: The cupcake carrier tin has sufficient space for the cupcakes to retain their frosting designs.
  • Secured: The carrier has lid locks which will keep the cupcakes steady when you are transporting them.


  • Careful when washing: Due to the fact that the cupcake carrier is made of tin, you need to be careful when brushing the tin area so that you don’t ruin its beautiful design
  • Slightly expensive price: Some might consider the price of USD39 a bit on the high side but for such quality carrier, I think the value justifies the price. Of course, you can always find a cheaper cupcake carrier but it will probably look cheap and bland.

I hope my recommendation satisfies your search for the best vintage cupcake carrier. If you have other better options, please let me know.

Best ways to carry cupcakes to party or school

While cupcakes are delicious, carrying them can be a pain. The most difficult to is to avoid damaging the cupcake frosting. If you have encounter similar issues when trying to carry cupcakes to school or party, here are 5 ways you can do so.

#1: Buy a cupcake carrier

This is the most convenient method. Buy a 24 or 36 cupcake carrier and your problems will be solved. Each carrier is very affordable as they cost less than USD50 if you buy it from places such as Amazon.com. Best of all, they can be cleaned and reused, thus saving you the headache when you need to transport cupcakes again.

#2: Use plates

If you don’t want to spend any money, a free way to carry cupcakes is to use some plates and skewers. What you need to do is first place the cupcakes on the plates with some distances apart. Stick the skewers in the middle and the side of the cupcakes to prevent them from moving around. Finally, cover them with an aluminium foil and carry them with care. The frosting should not be damaged.

#3: Use a cake box

Another way is to use a cake box but make sure that the box is high enough to avoid damaging the frosting. Try to pack the cupcakes tightly so that they will not move around when being carried. However, there is a chance that the side of the frosting might be affected for cupcakes that are laid on the circumference of the cake box.

36 cupcake carrier for sale

Get the best rated and cheapest 36 cupcake carrier here!

Cups cakes are generally loved by all! They definitely are great items to have in get together and parties. Children enjoy them too thus if you are planning to through a family party then one thing that everyone can relish is definitely Cup cakes and they should be on your menu! Cup cakes are also awesome to take along with when you visiting some bodies place! Thus having a cup cake carrier can definitely solve your purpose. It will make it much easier to keep the cup cakes in shape as well as transport them from one place to another.

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The Cupcake Courier 36-Cupcake Plastic Storage Container is a perfect choice for the same. It is useful and a good to have product that would make it much easier for you to enjoy your cupcakes where ever you want! Features of Cupcake Courier 36-Cupcake Plastic Storage Container The Cupcake Courier 36-Cupcake Plastic Storage Container is a quality product that has a lot of utility and serves all the purpose when you are moving your cupcakes.

36 cupcake carrier benefits:

•    It can transport up to 36 cupcakes at one go! Thus it makes your work much less and you do not have to move the cakes in rounds a few after the other!

•    The cupcake container has three different trays that could be stacked one above the other.

•    The cupcake trays have 12 sufficiently deep cups to hold the cup cakes comfortably and securely.

•    It also has a very comfortable handle to ensure that you can carry it easily.

•    Latches at the bottom hold the cup cake securely and permanently!

•    It can be also used as a cake carrier without the trays in it!

•    The Cupcake Courier 36-Cupcake Plastic Storage Container is available in a lot of colors.

•    The cup cake carrier is big enough to hold the cup cakes comfortably and small enough to move easily. The cup cake measures 12.5*16*11 inches.


The Cupcake Courier 36-Cupcake Plastic Storage Container in a little more detail

This is definitely one of the best cup cake carrier available in the market with a lot of room for the cup cakes along with the frosting and beautiful decoration. This is a product that would definitely solve the purpose of transporting numerous Cup cakes to parties, school gatherings or wherever you want them.

Serves the Purpose The Cupcake Courier 36-Cupcake Plastic Storage Container is very efficient utility to have as it definitely solves the purpose. It is good enough to carry 36 cup cakes comfortably at one go! The product has three trays in it measuring 13.8*10.4*3.2 inches and each individual cup measures 3*3*1 inch which ensures that the cup cake container is good enough to transport cup cakes of good size!

The best part about it is that it holds the cup cakes very securely which ensures that they are in good shape when they reach the destination.  The product is also very comfortable to carry. It has two handles which can hold the product securely so that you can effectively carry it anywhere you like! It is also multi-purpose that is you can use it as a cake carrier without the cup cakes in it! Thus if you want a product that is easy to handle and great to use! Then this is definitely it!


What people think about Courier 36-Cupcake Plastic Storage Container?

The product available in variety of colors is a hit with everyone and thus is really value for money. Let us look what real people have to say about it. Dr Parks Vayel finds it a product that can be gifted! People can really find this product to be great to use and great to work. Calleighs Mom finds Courier 36-Cupcake Plastic Storage Container to be a great cup cake carrier. He finds it to be a product with a lot of value. Conclusion The Courier 36-Cupcake Plastic Storage Container is a good to have product with a lot of value and a lot of quality storage space. At $35.99 it definitely is a great product to transport your cup cakes to a place where they could be enjoyed and cherished!

You can also check out collapsible cupcake carrier here.


Collapsible Cupcake and Cake Carrier

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If your cupcake carrier is occupying too much space or is too big enough to avoid crushing the cupcake frosting, you should buy a collapsible cupcake carrier from progressive international. This 24 cupcake carrier has enough room to hold all 24 cupcakes without damaging the frosting. Yet, when you are using the carrier, you can collapsible it so that it doesn’t take too much storage space.


Pros of this collapsible cupcake carrier

  • Space saving as the carrier can be collapsibled and stored away easily when not in us
  • Flexibility of holding 12 or 24 cupcakes. If you want to carry 24 cupcakes, simply add a tray in the middle
  • There is enough height for this carrier to prevent damaging any frosting or decorations that your cupcake has
  • The trays and carrier are easy to clean
  • You can turn this into a cake carrier by simply removing the tray

Cons of this collapsible cupcake carrier

The only negative part about this design is that the tray is not fixed to the base. What this does is to allow the tray to move slightly during the unloading and loading process. If you are not careful during this stage, cupcake might be damaged which is not we don’t want to happen.

Other than this, there is nothing bad to say about this great product : )

If you don’t trust our word, look at the 500 reviews on this product. They all can’t be wrong, can they?