Gorgeous black single cupcake boxes

Nothing can complement a beautiful cupcake than a gorgeous cupcake box. If you are thinking of buying single cupcake boxes, my recommendation is to go for black color. It is a classic color and conveys a sense of elegance and sophistication.

Here are nicely designed single black cupcake boxes:

Black and white cupcake boxes

Individual black and white cupcake boxes

Already featured on my previous article on individual cupcake boxes, I have to feature it again because it really looks very beautifully designed.  You can buy this really cheap at amazon, which often offers free shipping as well if you cross a certain threshold.


Black polka dot cupcake boxes

Black polka dot cupcake boxes

I always love polka dots and this black colored with white dots boxes looks very good indeed.  This design comes from little cupcake boxes in UK. If you are living in the US, best to check out what is their shipping rates. The only thing that could be better is if they make the top cover have a transparent cover. This way, you can see the cupcake frosting without making off the lid.


Pink and black cupcake boxes

pink and black cupcake boxes

It is not easy to find these black and pink boxes. This particular design is from kreativedesign.net.  It is one of the rare few designs that featured pink and black colors. Most other cupcake boxes typically only has one of the colors.


Pure black cupcake boxes

Black dot cupcake boxes

If you want a pure black color design, this model from aliexpress.com will be the thing that you are looking for. Its unique feature is the lovely design that can be seen from the side of the boxes. It i s hard to tell if the holes are filled with transparent paper. If it is, this will be great as people can see the cupcake frosting even if it is completed wrapped up in this box.


Where to buy individual cupcake boxes

Although most of us tend to carry cupcakes in batches, there are situations where we still need individual cupcake boxes. For examples, during wedding, you might want to give away one cupcake to each. Alternatively, you might want to give one cupcake for your child to take to school. Regardless of the reason, we need a way to carry individual cupcakes without damaging the frosting.

Below some very beautiful individual cupcake boxes that you might want to consider if you are thinking of buying some.


Individual black and white cupcake boxes

Click here to buy from Amazon

This lovely black and white cupcake box is from Hewitt. Each box measures 3″ x 3″ x 3″ and has a clear top from which you can view the cupcake. One package costs around USD29 and contains about 24 cupcake boxes.


Individual clear cupcake boxes

Click here from Amazon

If you want something that display your carefully decorated cupcake in its full glory, then these clear cupcake boxes are perfect. Each plastic box has been designed to hold the cupcake such that it will not be moving when being transported. When put together, these clear cupcake boxes make a beautiful presentation. Finally, they are also very cheap to buy as each 12 box pack costs around USD10.

The only downside is that you need to put the boxes together as they come in unpacked form. If you have lots of boxes to give away, this might take some time


Individual wedding cupcake boxes

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For those who want to give away individual cupcakes for a wedding, then these lovely wedding cupcake boxes are the perfect packaging.  Each box has a heart shape cut off that is very aprpriate for a wedding theme. However, note that there is no ribbon in this package.

In terms of assembly, each box is easy to put together and the end result is very sturdy carrier for your cupcake. For pricing, a pack of 24 wedding cupcake boxes will cost you around USD20.


Super cute cupcake chairs and sofa

In my previous article on cupcake furniture, I introduced some very cool and cute home accessories items that cupcake lovers might want to include in their home. In this article, I will follow up with this theme by reviewing some super cute cup cake chairs and sofas. If you are looking for such a product, why not take a look at some of the items that are featured below.

#1: Newco cupcake chair

Click here to buy from Amazon

Newco cupcake chair is the best selling chair on Amazon. Rather than calling it a chair, I think a better description is a bean bag pillow as the size is smaller than what the picture suggests. Nevertheless, for children, they are good for sitting. For adults, they are better as back supports or as home accessory gifts.

#2: Designs by kensie cupcake chairs

These cupcake chairs look lovely but I believe they are custom made and are not available for sale. You can check them out by clicking here. Maybe you can sent the designer an email to see if they are available for purchase.

#3: Cupcake chair cover

Click here to buy from Amazon

If you really cannot find a suitable chair, how about a cupcake chair cover? These items can be used on your existing chairs. They are especially great as party chairs when you holding a birthday event for your children. They costs about USD25, making them quite affordable.

Cupcake tree ideas

Ever since those cupcake trees in person? If not, you will not feel the awesomeness in having stacks of beautiful cupcakes being arranged to attempt you in breaking whatever new year diet resolution you have. These cupcakes trees are easy to make. If you don’t know how, there are lots of tutorials to teach your how to make cupcake trees. In this article, we will showcase some of the more interesting cupcake tree ideas so that you know how to make yours really special!

#1: A tree shaped cupcake stand

You can literally make your display your cupcakes on a beautiful tree shaped cupcake stand.  These are not easy to buy online but I found that you can buy one from.

#2: Mini round cupcake tree

If you want something smaller so that the entire decorations make so elegant, you can go for mini round cupcake tree design. The advantage of such a display is the elegant of the design. The downside is the limited space for holding cupcakes. On average, such a slim design might not hold more than 100 cupcakes unless they are mini cupcakes.

#3 Theme based cupcake tree

For special occasions such as birthdays or weddings, you can go for theme based cupcake trees. The benefit of using a theme is that it will definitely surprise the person that you can celebrating for. If it is your child, I am sure they will love such a decorative piece being placed in your birthday parties.  The above is an example for a girl i.e. a Hello Kitty cupcake tree idea.

#4: Hanging cupcake tree

I have never any cupcake tree design that is more elaborated than this. The maker literally hangs every cupcake on something that looks like a ribbon. It is truly an enchanting piece of cupcake tree design that is suitable for an event like wedding or engagement party.

5 cupcake furniture accessories you need to see

With cupcakes now being a permanent part of our dietary lives, I am starting to see more and more cupcake furniture being sold in the market. I guess this is for the cupcake stores that have been springing up as well as for the really passionate cupcake lovers. Anyway, regardless of whether you are buying cupcake furniture for your store or home, here are 7  of my personal favorites.

#1: Cupcake clock

This cute looking look will look great on any walls. Note that there is no glass covering the clock. It is just a wooden surface with the clock hands attached to it. However, the design is the winning value proposition here.

#2: Cupcake bean bag

A very sizeable bean bag that can be used as little table or as a back support. If you want to sit on it, note that there is no back support and you probably need to unstuff it a little but it feels very comfortable. Otherwise, this kids cupcake furniture looks great in terms of colors and design.

#3: Cupcake coffee table

Never seen anything cuter than this cupcake coffee table.  This table measures 16 inches tall, 14 inches in diameter, perfect for any cupcake cafes.

#4: Cupcake pillows

Well made pillows that are comfortable to hold. The bright colors make this a perfect furniture accessory for a girl’s room. Prices are also very cheap and can be bought by even the most budget conscious family.

#5 Cupcake canvas wall art

This adorable canvas wall art measures 18 x 1.5 x 14 inches and weighs 3 pounds.  It can be easily cleaned using slightly damp cloth.

#6: Cupcake bedding sets

This highly rated cupcake bedding set for a toddler bed come with fitted sheet, flat sheet, pillow case and comforter. It can be machine washed and the material holds up quite well after each wash.

#7: Cupcake soap dispenser

It is a cute cupcake furniture accessories for the kitchen. It holds quite a bit of soap but needs to refill once it reaches half capacity.