Cupcake carrier that shaped like a cupcake

I recently saw this super cute cupcake shaped cupcake carrier. I know that is a mouthful but it describes what I saw perfectly. This carrier matches its content perfectly and looks really cute when you are using it to transport your cupcakes around. I checked my website analytics frequently and I saw some readers searching for ‘cupcake carrier that looked like a cupcake’, which is why I went to research on it to see if there is anything like that one the market.

I found this design on Amazon, which is the cheapest place I know that sells cupcake carriers.  It comes in a couple of different colors including pink and red.  It is currently one of the top sellers for cupcake carousel.

cupcake carrier that look like a cupcake

Click here to buy from Amazon

After going through the reviews, here are pros and cons of this cupcake shaped carrier.


  • Can hold as many as 24 cupcakces
  • The design is lovely for those looking for a cupcake carrier that looks like a cupcake
  • Price is affordable as it goes around USD24 on Amazon


  • Some reviewers have experienced a weak handle, which caused the whole cupcake carousel to drop when cupcakes are placed inside. However, not all customers experienced this so I am suspecting it could be a case for bad manufacturing for a particular batch.

Overall, it seems to be a great product with a lovely design and cheap prices. If you have experienced this product, do let me know your review of it.

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