Best ways to carry cupcakes to party or school

While cupcakes are delicious, carrying them can be a pain. The most difficult to is to avoid damaging the cupcake frosting. If you have encounter similar issues when trying to carry cupcakes to school or party, here are 5 ways you can do so.

#1: Buy a cupcake carrier

This is the most convenient method. Buy a 24 or 36 cupcake carrier and your problems will be solved. Each carrier is very affordable as they cost less than USD50 if you buy it from places such as Best of all, they can be cleaned and reused, thus saving you the headache when you need to transport cupcakes again.

#2: Use plates

If you don’t want to spend any money, a free way to carry cupcakes is to use some plates and skewers. What you need to do is first place the cupcakes on the plates with some distances apart. Stick the skewers in the middle and the side of the cupcakes to prevent them from moving around. Finally, cover them with an aluminium foil and carry them with care. The frosting should not be damaged.

#3: Use a cake box

Another way is to use a cake box but make sure that the box is high enough to avoid damaging the frosting. Try to pack the cupcakes tightly so that they will not move around when being carried. However, there is a chance that the side of the frosting might be affected for cupcakes that are laid on the circumference of the cake box.

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