Cupcake carrier reviews: Top rated cupcake carriers

Here is my recommendation on what is the best cupcake carrier for your money. The list is based on the aggregate reviews found on Amazon as well as my personal experience. I will list out some of the particular attributes for each of the model so that you can make a better informed choice on which cupcake carrier is best for your needs. Overall, all of the models reviewed here are solid purchases but it is the little differences that separates them. Here is our top rated choices.


Editor’s Choice : Vonshef 24 cupcake carrier

best cupcake carrierThis 24 cupcake carrier hits all the right notes when it comes to transporting cupcakes easily and securely

  • Stackable design allows you to expand capacity easily. You can buy 2 sets to expand from 24 to 48.
  • Easy to store
  • Deep holes in trays to prevent cupcakes from moving
  • Solid handles for easy carrying
  • Solid plastic

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#2: Collapsible cupcake carrier

collapsible cupcake carrierOver 500 customer reviews of which 87% had given a 4 star and above rating.

  • Collapsible design. This space saving feature allows you to easily store it in the kitchen cabinet without taking too much space.
  • Carries up to 24 cupcakes
  • Downside: Tray don’t interlock with the base which means it intend to slide around after the lid has been put on. This is not ideal as the cupcakes might be damaged during the loading and uploading. This downside is why we put it at #2 rather than #1.

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#3: 36 cupcake carrier

36 cupcake carrierIf you discount the fact that Vonshef can allow you to stack multiple carriers to form a 36 carrier, then this is the only model that can transport 36 cupcakes

  • Deep holes in trays to prevent cupcakes from moving
  • Strong letch at the bottom prevents the tray from sliding
  • Comfortable to carry
  • Comes in a variety of colors to appeal to your different color taste

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#4: Snapware’s 24 cupcake carrier

snapware 24 cupcake carrierSnapware is well knows for its line of solid food storage containers. So, why do I put it here rather than the editor’s choice? Read on.

  • Carries up to 24 cupcake cakes
  • Deep holes in trays to prevent movement of cupcake cakes
  • Stackable like the Vonshef model above
  • Downside #1: Plastic used here is a bit flimsy so it tends to break easily if you drop it on the floor
  • Downside #2: Clasps are filmsy as well so they can break rather easily if you mishandled them

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#5: Wilton cupcake caddy

wilton cupcake carrierThe Wilton 3 in 1 caddy is on the bottom of the list for one reason only: it can’t do what it is suppose to

  • Cupcake tray is too shallow to prevent cupcakes from moving around and smashing into each other
  • Good for transporting other types of food such as other baked goods but forget about cupcakes in particular
  • Cheap price
  • Solid material

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Hope you like this list of our cupcake carrier reviews. You can click on the ‘read our review’ link to read more information or the buy it to go to Amazon for direct purchase.

VonShef 24 cupcake carrier review: is it any good?

I reviewed a pretty solid 36 cupcake carrier a few years ago. It is still a pretty solid product that I used to transport my cupcakes around when I am baking them for friends. Recently, I saw a 24 cupcake carrier online and bought it just to try it out. My verdict? Read on to find out whether is it worth your money.

Summary: Well worth every penny. It is compact, easy to carry and doesn’t mess up any of the frosting on the cupcake carriers. Perfect for cupcake transportation.

24 cupcake carrier reviewClick here to see prices on Amazon

Everything about the carrier has been designed sensibly. The company VonShef definitely did it homework and know what a good cupcake carrier should have. Here is what makes it a solid carrier:

  • Good height: If you look at the images above, you can see that there is sufficient space between the base of the tray and the top of the lid. This ensure my frosting will never be crushed. Finally!
  • Deep tray holes: The holes in the trays are deep enough that my cupcakes will never move during normal transportation. This means the side of the cupcakes will not be squashed.
  • Stackable: There are 2 units that can be stacked on top on one another. This modular design allows you to use just one tray when you have 12 or less cupcakes to carry.  The opposite is true. If you buy 2 sets, you can have a 48 cupcake carrier!
  • Easy to carry: The design is compact and carrying it around is an effortless task. I have used it to carry cupcakes to the my girl’s friends birthday parties and there is no damage to my cupcakes whatsoever.
  • Easy to stack: The handles on the side on each tray makes it easy for you to stack and unstack the trays. I have to say this is a practical and thoughtful design.

Overall, this is a just a solid 12 or 24 cupcake carrier to have. It looks good and the practical design is functional. My cupcakes will never be damaged again!

Cupcake carrier that shaped like a cupcake

I recently saw this super cute cupcake shaped cupcake carrier. I know that is a mouthful but it describes what I saw perfectly. This carrier matches its content perfectly and looks really cute when you are using it to transport your cupcakes around. I checked my website analytics frequently and I saw some readers searching for ‘cupcake carrier that looked like a cupcake’, which is why I went to research on it to see if there is anything like that one the market.

I found this design on Amazon, which is the cheapest place I know that sells cupcake carriers.  It comes in a couple of different colors including pink and red.  It is currently one of the top sellers for cupcake carousel.

cupcake carrier that look like a cupcake

Click here to buy from Amazon

After going through the reviews, here are pros and cons of this cupcake shaped carrier.


  • Can hold as many as 24 cupcakces
  • The design is lovely for those looking for a cupcake carrier that looks like a cupcake
  • Price is affordable as it goes around USD24 on Amazon


  • Some reviewers have experienced a weak handle, which caused the whole cupcake carousel to drop when cupcakes are placed inside. However, not all customers experienced this so I am suspecting it could be a case for bad manufacturing for a particular batch.

Overall, it seems to be a great product with a lovely design and cheap prices. If you have experienced this product, do let me know your review of it.

4 ideas for homemade cake pop carrier

Given the popularity of cake pops, there is a now a demand for DIY cake pop carriers. Of course you can always buy some if you want some more professional. I have recommended some in this post of the best cake pop carriers. For those who want something homemade, here are 4 simple ideas to get you started.

Idea #1: Using egg trays as cake pops carrier

homemade cake pop carrier

This is as simple as it can get. Get a empty egg tray. Place something heavy inside to prevent it from topping. Using either staples or masking tape to keep the egg tray from opening up. Then just insert the cake pop sticks into them as shown above.

Idea 2: Cake pop stands

homemade cake pop stand

This simple ideas needs a box that have depth. Fill the box with things like pebbles or other small stones. Once that is done, you can stick in the cake pops and they should have no problem standing out.


Idea 3: Use styrofoam

DIY cake pop carrier

For this DIY project, you will need a fairly large piece of Styrofoam board. Small pieces wouldn’t work because the cake pops will just make the whole board topple. Just find another old pieces lying around in your house. To make it more pleasing to the eye, you can wrapped the Styrofoam with some wrapped paper such as the green color version that you see above.  Once that is done, you are ready to use it as a cake pop holder or carrier.


Idea 4:  Elegant cake pop carrier

cake pop carrier DIY

If you something that looks really nice, try this tutorial here that give you step by step instructions on how to make this gorgeous looking cake pop carrier. It takes a bit of effort but the results speak for themselves.


Cake pop carriers

Besides mini cupcakes, cake pops are getting to be getting really popular. If you are already making them, then you will know that you need something to store or transport them. This is where cake pop carriers come into play. Currently, there are these items know as push pop containers which can be used to store and carry your cake pops. Below are the ones that I personally recommend.

BakeDeco’s cake pop carriers

cake pop storage containersClick here to buy from Amazon

Bakedeco’s push pop containers have been a popular item selling on Amazon. The overall rating for this product is very good as most people who have purchased this have no complains with it.  Each set will give you 100 sets of containers, which is more than enough to handle any kind of birthday party or wedding events.


  • Freeze safe: You can store your cake pops in the freeze using these containers without any problem. In fact, you can even make ice cream pops with these containers
  • Durable: The overall built of these push pop containers are very sturdy and good. You will have no issue with them breaking apart
  • Washable: You can wash them after use to reuse them. Great for avoiding wastage and saving money
  • Made in Italy: Nuff said. At least you know the quality will be assured.

Cake pops storage by push pop containers

push pop containersClick here to buy from Amazon

If you don’t 100 storage containers in a pack, then this 24 set should be good for you. Made by a company called push pop containers, it has received pretty good reviews as well.  Similar to the above, these containers are sturdy, easy to put together and be reused repeatedly for parties and such. Costing less than $30, it is a great buy for those looking to buy cake pop carriers.